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Pulse Canada summarizes available research and partners on new research projects. Read recent research publications in the pulse industry.

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Our Research

Pulse Canada represents pulse producers, processors, and exporters in Canada. On behalf of the membership, our organization focuses on growing and diversifying markets for Canadian pulse crops and their ingredient derivatives, and building demand for pulses in various end-use applications and markets.Pulse Canada is dedicated to advancing foundational, innovative, open-access research on pulses in support of a thriving Canadian pulse industry. Through our interaction and engagement with industry stakeholders, we identify foundational gaps, whitespace opportunities, and pre-competitive technical or marketing challenges. Pulse Canada staff has technical expertise in the areas of crop quality, ingredient processing and functionality, nutrition science, sustainability, and market insights. We forge collaborations with scientific experts and funding partners in an effort to accelerate the growth of the Canadian pulse industry.


Pulse Canada and our members find opportunities to summarize available research, facilitate and partner on pre-competitive projects and initiatives that:  

  • Address fundamental knowledge gaps for the pulse industry
  • Identify and create marketing opportunities for pulses and pulse ingredients
  • Stimulate innovation in pulse use and processing
  • Encourage regulatory and food policy modernization related to pulses and pulse ingredients

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