National Research Priorities

The Canadian pulse industry has established research priorities in order to achieve the 25 by 25 market development strategy.

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Achieving 25 by 25

Pulse Canada and our member associations are working collaboratively to identify short and medium to long-term research required to support the pulse industry’s ’25 by 25’ market development strategy. 

Research gaps have been identified related to increasing demand for:  

  • Canadian peas, lentils, faba beans in value-added flour and fraction processing
  • Canadian pulse ingredients (protein, flour, starch, fibre) in high-volume/value food and industrial applications
  • Canadian peas and faba beans in feed
  • Canadian bean domestic consumption in retail products and in foodservice

Pre-competitive research

 A recent survey of food manufacturers and pulse processors found that pre-competitive research demonstrating benefits and addressing broad technical questions was extremely important and valuable. Having a Canadian pulse research network and community is a major asset to the domestic processing industry. 

Every year, we review and address these priorities through partnership opportunities with the Canadian scientific community and other funders of research.

For more information on these priorities, contact us.