Research partnerships

Pulse Canada and our members find opportunities to summarize available research, facilitate and partner on pre-competitive projects and initiatives that:  

  • Address fundamental knowledge gaps for the pulse industry
  • Identify and create marketing opportunities for pulses and pulse ingredients
  • Stimulate innovation in pulse use and processing
  • Encourage regulatory and food policy modernization related to pulses and pulse ingredients

Featured Research

Understanding & Improving pea and lentil flour quality.

Pulse Canada partnered on a study to examine the effects of roller mill configuration on pea and lentil flour quality. See the results here:

  • Improve
    • Processing & Ingredients

    The impact of milling on pulse flours


Make a more sustainable burger by adding lentils.

See the environmental, nutritional and cost benefits when a beef burger is reformulated to 2/3 beef and 1/3 lentil puree.

  • Beef lentil tb
    • Applications
    • Sustainability

    Summary Report: Nutrition and Sustainability of Beef-Lentil Burgers


Complementing cereals with pulses to enhance nutrition and sustainability of food products

Learn about the opportunities to use pulses in food products to increase plant protein consumption and promote nutritional dietary patterns.

  • Compliment cereal grains
    • Applications
    • Nutrition
    • Sustainability

    Complementing cereals with pulses to enhance nutrition and sustainability


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