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Pulse Canada has developed recommended best practices for technical reporting of public data.

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Best Practices for Research

In an effort to ensure that pre-competitive research on pulses can be fully utilized by industry stakeholders, Pulse Canada has developed recommended best practices for pre-competitive research planning and technical reporting of publicly available data related to:  

  1. The sourcing of raw materials, and the reporting on use of commercially available pulse ingredients;
  2. The processing parameters applied to produce the pulse-derived ingredients; 
  3. The methods used to characterize the physical, functional, and nutritional quality parameters of the pulse-derived ingredients; and
  4. The performance of the pulse-derived ingredients in the formulation of foods.

These recommended best practices are meant to support the development of a strong foundation of research for the pulse industry, as a whole. Pulse Canada and Member Associations encourage the research community to refer to these recommendations when developing and reviewing scientific publications. Adherence to these recommended best practices will increase the utility and value of published research for industry stakeholders.

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    Best Practices for Pulse Processing Pre-Competitive Research