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Canadian Peas + Pork = Reduced Emissions

New Pulse Canada research was on full display at the World Pork Expo

Denis Tremorin Pulse Canada
Denis Tremorin Director, Sustainability

Jun. 23, 2023

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Earlier this month, I had the chance to connect with the swine industry at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. To forge connections and promote the benefits of Canadian pulses as sustainable feed ingredients, it was a good opportunity to showcase ground-breaking research and foster promising relationships with industry leaders.

One of the highlights was the chance to share recent research commissioned by Pulse Canada on feed sustainability. This research highlighted the incredible potential of peas as feed in Western Canadian hog production systems. Astonishingly, incorporating peas into the feed can reduce pork's greenhouse gas emissions by up to 18%. These findings hold immense significance for the industry, as reducing environmental impact becomes an increasingly important objective.

These research findings align well with the sustainability targets announced by prominent meat companies such as Tyson, Maple Leaf, JBS, and Smithfield. These companies have made commitments to prioritize sustainability in their operations, recognizing the need for environmentally friendly solutions. The demonstrated ability of Canadian pulses to contribute to these goals further solidifies their position as a sustainable and forward-thinking choice for feed ingredients.

When people think of pulses, they don’t always think of pork. But the participation of Pulse Canada at the World Pork Expo generated promising leads with numerous companies eager to explore the potential of Canadian pulses as a feed ingredient. The enthusiasm demonstrated by industry representatives during the event reflects a growing recognition of the value and impact of sustainable alternatives. These initial connections pave the way for future collaborations and research endeavours that can drive the adoption of Canadian pulses in the global feed industry.

The Expo enabled us to promote Canadian pulses, and fostered connections with interested companies, leading to exciting opportunities for further exploration. As the world strives towards a greener future, Canadian pulses emerge as a promising solution for sustainable and environmentally conscious feed practices.

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