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"Canadian agriculture will always pay the price for uncertainty around rail performance."

Mar. 22, 2022

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Today, Pulse Canada issued the following statement on behalf of Chair Corey Loessin:

“Canada’s pulse industry is pleased to see the resumption of service at Canadian Pacific Railway. It is imperative that service return to full capacity as quickly as possible.

“This work stoppage was entirely preventable. Looking ahead, there are more than 10 different agreements between CN or CP and various unions that will expire in 2022.

“For the competitiveness of Canada’s pulse industry and our economy overall, it will be necessary that all parties, including the federal government, work to ensure that future agreements are reached in advance of possible disruptions to rail service on either line. Pulse Canada will continue to work to ensure all relevant stakeholders understand the unnecessary harm caused by these stoppages.

“Canadian agriculture will always pay the price for uncertainty around rail performance. With continuous improvement, Canada can fulfil the role of a food exporting powerhouse that delivers on time, every time.

“Pulse Canada remains committed to being a constructive voice that provides real solutions on how Canada can improve the overall resiliency of our supply chains.”


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Pulse Canada is the national association of growers, traders and processors of Canadian pulses, also known as lentils, dry peas, beans and chickpeas. Pulses are an essential part of a healthy and sustainable diet. Pulses and pulse ingredients can help food manufacturers improve the nutritional and functional quality of food products.