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An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act

Feb 11, 2022

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Today, Pulse Canada issued the following statement on behalf of Chair Corey Loessin:

“Pulse Canada fully supports the introduction of Bill C-234, An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. We look forward to playing an active role in communicating its necessity and urgency to all Parliamentarians as it moves through the legislative process.

“As consistent supporters of the Government of Canada’s efforts to create new export opportunities and reduce barriers to trade, our members are cognizant that in order to compete on the global marketplace, domestic policies must not put farmers and the industry overall at a competitive disadvantage relative to other exporting countries.

“Bill C-234 will remove an unintended competitive disadvantage that was placed on Canadian growers by the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. While technologies across agriculture continue to advance, at present there is no alternative method at a grower’s disposal for drying grain. When faced with wet conditions or volatile weather, grain must be dried. If not, it risks being spoiled and cannot be sold. This impacts a grower’s bottom line, the Canadian economy, and Canada’s international reputation as a supplier of top-quality, sustainably grown agricultural products. It is also true that, based on geographical location and ever-changing weather patterns, growers in certain regions will need to rely on the use of grain dryers more than others. Pulse Canada and our members firmly believe that environmental policy must not penalize a farmer based on where they live.

“Members of Parliament now have the chance to carefully review Bill C-234 and engage firsthand with all Canadian growers who are facing increased costs as a result of having to dry their grain. Correcting this unintended consequence will allow Canadian growers to better compete in the global marketplace, and will ensure that sustainably grown Canadian crops continue to be enjoyed on tables here in Canada and around the world.” - Corey Loessin, Chair, Pulse Canada


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Pulse Canada is the national association of growers, traders and processors of Canadian pulses, also known as lentils, dry peas, beans and chickpeas. Pulses are an essential part of a healthy and sustainable diet. Pulses and pulse ingredients can help food manufacturers improve the nutritional and functional quality of food products.