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Today, a cross-commodity coalition to fix the container crunch issued the following statement:

Coalition to Fix the Container Crunch

Dec 14, 2021

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Canada’s rising cost of living and doing business is directly linked to the challenges being faced by our shipper industries.

For months, groups representing Canada’s containerized shipper industries have called on the federal government to treat this issue seriously by taking concrete steps toward its resolution.

The devastating washouts in British Columbia have underscored the importance of Canada’s supply chain. Well before the flooding, containerized supply chains were failing, with rates and service conditions becoming a significant obstacle in the movement of goods to and from Canada. It is unfortunate that Canada is now becoming known for weaker supply chains than other exporters we compete against. Canadian consumers, businesses, and our international customers are taking notice.

With the container crunch hurting Canadian businesses and consumers, the Government of Canada must show leadership to address these challenges.

Specifically, we ask that the government immediately open an investigation under section 49 of the Canada Transportation Act to investigate pressing supply chain disruptions and determine all major contributions. We also ask that the government name a Supply Chain Commissioner to lead an industry-government task force to bring together stakeholders to identify immediate solutions to address supply chain disruptions.

An investigation is a necessary first step to allow us to build back better. The findings will inform how Canada can recover by building more resilient and sustainable containerized supply chains.

This is an issue that impacts Canadian businesses and consumers from coast to coast to coast, and it will persist unless we act. We remain committed to working alongside the government to provide solutions that alleviate this economic harm. The time for action is now.


Members of the Coalition to Fix the Container Crunch include the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Canadian Special Crops Association, Freight Management Association of Canada, Grain Growers of Canada, Prairie Oat Growers Association, Pulse Canada, Responsible Distribution Canada, Soy Canada, and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers. Visit to learn more.

For more information, media may contact:

Jeff English
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Pulse Canada

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