Our Approach

We work to ensure finding solutions for transportation-related challenges is a top priority for Canadian pulse growers, processors and exporters.

Cost-effective, consistent and reliable transportation and supply chains is essential for the Canadian pulse sector to consistently and reliably supply pulse crops to customers around the world.

Canadian railway car riding along a bare field

The Ag Transport Coalition

As a founding member of the Ag Transport Coalition (ATC), a consortium of agriculture groups, Pulse Canada is focused on measuring the service performance of Canada’s rail carriers and ensuring the timely execution of pulse sales programs to domestic and international customers.

Through the ATC Railway Performance Measurement Program (RPM), railway performance is measured across a range of key indicators that includes railcar demand, railway car supply, timeliness of railway car supply, corridor performance, railway dwell times at origin and railway dwell times at destination. Industry aggregate reports are published daily and weekly on the Ag Transport Coalition website.

The Grain by Train Podcast

Every week, Greg Northey (Pulse Canada) and Milt Poirier (QGI Consulting) cover the latest railway performance stats in 10 minutes or less.