Our Approach

Pulse Canada is committed to ensuring pulse growers have access to the crop protection products they need to grow our industry while keeping export markets open. By proactively monitoring crop protection product MRLs in export markets and identifying registered crop protection products in Canada that may pose a market access risk in an export market due to a missing or misaligned MRL, Pulse Canada helps the industry identify challenges before they become problems for both buyers and sellers.

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Managing MRL Risks

Pulse Canada works to manage the risk of an MRL non-compliance with a short, medium and long term strategy.

Keep it Clean

  • In addition to the market access strategies specific to the pulse industry, Pulse Canada is a key partner in Keep it Clean, a joint effort by Pulse Canada, Cereals Canada and the Canola Council of Canada to provide growers and other industry stakeholders with the information they need to ensure their crops will be market-ready. Through Keep It Clean, the pulse industry produces an annual Grower Advisory on the market impacts of various crop protection products and producer-focused messaging promoted through various channels.

  • Keep it Clean!

Ensuring Access to New Products

Canadian pulse growers need access to innovative and new crop protection technology to remain competitive and manage challenges on their farm. Pulse Canada works to ensure life science companies understand the current and emerging challenges pulse growers are facing, and advocate for the development of new products or tools to address these challenges.

Pulse Canada works closely with industry partners, such as the Canada Grains Council, to ensure the regulatory environment in Canada encourages innovation. This includes access to tools developed using plant breeding innovation, which leads to the development of new pulse varieties that could address challenges without the application of a product.