Economic Impact

As the acres dedicated to Canadian pulses increase to meet the growing global demand for plant-based protein, so do the positive impacts on our economy and environment.

See the Impact

See The Impact

Use the slider to increase Canadian pulse acres and see the corresponding positive impacts on our economy and the environment.

equivalent annual greenhouse gas emissions of

8.8 Million acres of pulses
$6.3 Billion/Year to Canada’s economy
$3.1 Billion/Year to Canada’s GDP
25,907 canadian jobs

Impacting The Economy

With an incredible economic benefit, it’s no wonder that pulse acres continue to increase. In 2021 the estimated 8.8 million acres of Canadian pulses contributed:

$6.3B to Canada’s economy
$3.1B to Canada’s GDP
25,907 canadian jobs

Canadian Pulses are some of the most sustainable crops in the world.

Canadian pulses improve our air, water and earth. Find out how these popular plant proteins contribute to building a better planet.

Impacting The Environment

By fixing nitrogen from the air, pulse crops reduce CO2 emissions. In fact, this past year…

3.8M acres of peas
-1.6M C02
Removed 1.6M tonnes of CO2
the equivalent of taking 363,600 cars off the road for a year.
183K acres of chickpeas
-63K C02
Eliminated 63K tonnes of CO2
equivalent to the carbon sequestered by over 1 million tree seedlings over a 10-year period.
124K acres of faba beans
-51K C02
Removed 51K tonnes of CO2
enough to charge over six billion smartphones.
426K acres of dry beans
-133K C02
Saved 133K tonnes of CO2
equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by running 36.4 wind turbines for a year.
4.3M acres of lentils
-1.7M C02
Removed 1.7M tonnes of CO2
+1 Year
enough to cover one year of electricity use for every dwelling in Winnipeg.

All facts and figures and claims have been adapted from the 2022 Economic and Environmental Impact report and Natural Resources Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, for more information please email

Looking to make an Impact

Canadian pulses are the answer, and we have your proof. To get an in-depth look at the benefits, download the 2022 Economic and Environmental Impact Report Summary.

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