Our Staff

Pulse Canada staff brings a range of expertise to execute our strategy.

Our Staff

Our staff expertise in Canadian pulses includes market access, food applications, processing, nutrition, sustainability and more. Reach out to us to find the support you need.


Finance & Operations

Market Innovation

  • Julianne Curran

    Julianne Curran, PhD

    Vice President, Market Innovation
  • Chris Marinangeli

    Chris Marinangeli, PhD, RD

    Senior Director, Research & Regulatory Affairs
  • Tanya Der

    Tanya Der, MSc

    Director, Food Innovation & Marketing
  • Denis Tremorin

    Denis Tremorin, MSc, PAg

    Director, Sustainability
  • Janelle Courcelles, Pulse Canada

    Janelle Courcelles, MSc

    Senior Manager, Food Innovation & Marketing

Corporate Affairs

Marketing & Communications